May 3, 2018

Agriculture & LiveStock Commodity

population and 15% of the foreign exchange revenues. Over the past decade Iran has turned to a major importer as the country has seen its population grow to over 80 million.

Agricultural & livestock

  • Agricultural is one of the most important sectors of the Iranian economy, accounting about 11% of GDP, 23% of the employed

  • BG heritage comes from trading and farming production of agricultural and livestock commodities. The main product is wheat with annual delivery of 1000 ton. The main client is the Government.

  • MBG land properties are 1,270 Hectares and 180 Hectares has been utilized to the wheat production. MBG recently received the official certificate for 10 Hectare flower farming operation which mainly consider for export markets.

Agricultural & livestock

  • In livestock production, a number of 1000 sheep are raised in 12 Hectares agricultural setting of MBG. The company is among the first Iranian companies that entered to the raising of Deers in Iran environment. This business is in cooperation with Iran Department of Environment.